Scanning Sprays

Does any one know if there is stockist of the ATTBLIME products in Australia or Asia Pacific area. It appears that ATTBLIME only ship to European countries. I did find one company which stock ATTBLIME in Australia, but nothing on their website through their seach.

Check if USA shop is shipping to your destination if not write them email , very friendly staff finding always solutions .

I get mine from these guys, cheaper than most


Due to lack of email response from Attblime in the US, I have decided to try, dry shampoo, having good success, only problem needs cleanup afterwards because the dry shampoo does not sublimate. Not a big problem as it is greatly cheaper than sublimating sprays. I have purchased the Ausub Blue from Bilby as a trial, it works really well but after trying the dry shampoo the results are comparable.

We have Holidays in USA that maybe why they did not answered . But tomorrow back to normal .

I found ATTBLIME products in Australia , just go to the official website and check the official distributors .

Maybe this may help, it’s what I use for scanning car bodies…

£12.49 each and easy to remove

Very good @Passero as long @Nifty can get his hands on it in Australia .

Thank you Paul, they ship to Australia.