Scanning Minis... with the MINI!

I’ve been into gaming miniatures for even longer than I have 3D scanning… which is saying something! Therefore it’s nice to find a system way cheaper than blue light dental scanners that is up to the task of scanning 28mm scale models.
True, the MINI still loses out on a little definition that you might gain with those more expensive systems, but considering its price point and convenience, it does a great job.
Mostly I’m scanning these for then scaling down to another size (usually 15mm scale) and then printing in resin, which means any lack of fine definition actually doesn’t really show up anyway.
Two investigator miniatures from the game Cthulhu: Death May Die

Great Cthulhu from Cthulhu Wars (actually processed with a very old version of Revo Scan, so I should probably revisit this one). This was scanned for making some trophies for a Lovecraftian quiz we did on a gaming retreat that I run.

The Marauder Giant - a miniature (although a BIG one! But in 28mm scale) produced by Games Workshop in the mid-1990s, and now long out-of-production.

Thor from the brand new game Mythic Battles: Pantheon

A Gnopkeh from Cthulhu Wars


Hi @Guyblin

Your scans are excellent. Glad you created these with your MINI. :clap:

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Thanks Jane - I’ll keep them coming (and others, with your other systems!) :wink: