Scanning a Helicopter with a MINI

If you haven’t got a Miraco you can still scan a helicopter with a MINI, you just have to make sure its a small one.

It just so happens … small is the only sized helicopter I own.

The blade thickness didn’t pick up too well, but they did move several times, I also removed the partial pick up of the windows to tidy the model.

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Great job Gary , nice click bite ! :joy:

I was going to call it “I’ve scanned a toy” but it wasn’t as catchy.

I’m up for the challenge if anyone has a life size helicopter and a million marker dots, as long as I get to go for a flight in it :rofl: :rofl:

You will need 2 millions mini markers with MINI :joy::laughing::joy::laughing:

I think the markers would cost more than the paid flight with the helicopter … :wink:

Scanning with Range or Miraco would be less expensive, it’s needs each marker at 8 cm distance from each other …


You may have a very valid point :upside_down_face:

Frustratingly its always going to be the helicopter I’m short of .

I wonder if there’s a chance of adding the option to the Kickstarter as a stretch goal :joy: