Scan is creating texture on markers?

I’ve been working on scanning large fiberglass fairings from an airplane. My plan is to use the scan to create moulds on my CNC machine, using the scans as a reference to begin the modeling in Fusion 360. I’m using techniques I’ve learned on the forum, scanning small sections and stitching them together in Cloud Compare. After a frustrating start, I’m finally getting some results that I’m happy with. One thing I can’t figure out though, is why the markers appear as large bumps on my point clouds??

I’ve screen grabbed a mesh of one small scan, so it’s more apparent. The scan also shows the perfectly smooth surface of the fairing much rougher than it actually is, so perhaps it isn’t a surprise that the stickers look like big puckered vaccination scars!

Because this particular fairing has a mix of large blank surfaces and some finer details, I’ve covered it in markers, and I’m scanning with a mix of marker and feature.

@Cody that is normal , the black surface around the markers create the effect , unusually you should not close the holes when meshing in Revo Scan , especially if you are doing reverse engineering , and if you really need the holes to be closed you could do that in Revo Studio using the tanged space mode for closing holes .

But since you use it for reverse engineering anyway I would ignore it . And if you use black surfaces for that type of work please use spray , adding too high gain while scanning dark objects with markers will make the bumps even worse .

Thanks for the info! This particular part is grey, but high gloss. I don’t have any spray but I’ve been scanning with the gain turned all the way down, and keeping the scanner at a 45° angle to the surface to reduce glare - it seems to be working alright.

When I get this all scanned and stitched together I’m sure I’ll have more questions about smoothing out the mesh

@Cody when you working in Revo Studio , smooth the merged point cloud before meshing it , it will give you better results , the individual bumps need to be smoother manually in a 3D software of your choice , since you already captured it in your point cloud .

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