Rilot - Range 2 showcase

Get Range 2 here:


Range 2 builds upon Range with a more powerful dot protector, IR fill LEDs, white LEDs, and higher accuracy.

Range has always been the easiest scanner to use in Revopoint’s line up due to being so forgiving for novices to use and because of the extremly wide range of scan volumes it can deal with. Range 2 amps this up to 11.

Range 2 comes in the usual sturdy box:

With the usual high-quality product box inside:

Inside is a nice carry case, similar to the one that comes with Pop3, but bigger:

Opening the box you are greeted with the scanner, tripod, battery, cables, markers, magic mat, phone holder, and quick-release adaptor.

Range 2 is a handsome beast.

USB-C now. Excellent.

Nice big sensors and LEDs. Looks similar to Miraco’s far mode sensors.

Top to bottom:
Range 2
Pop 3

Inspire is missing in this shot due to me lending it to a friend for a project. I think he likes it because he’s had it for some time.


On to the scans. First up, well, we might as well scan the case that Range 2 comes in.

Case: 260mm


On to something more interesting. A shoe.

Shoe - 270mm

This is a bit small for Range 2 but it did really well.


Everyone expects a Range 2 showcase to include a person scan. So, here we are. The person just happens to not be alive any more.

Person: 1.7M tall

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The same skeleton, minus his lab coat.

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This was really challenging but the result is OK. I wanted to see how well Range 2 did. It did well. This scan isn’t manifold but shows the detail that can be captured.

Flowers - 600mm tall.


Excellent showcase Andy !

A ram’s skull - 330mm long


A large, ultra-short-throw projector

I had to use some spray on the emitter section because it was shiny black plastic.

Scanned in 2 orientations with the scanner hand-held.

Raw data

Fused without cleanup

Detect Isolated Points

Mesh settings


Range 2 is just so easy to use. I defy anyone to not get good scans with it almost immediately.

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Right Andy ? I love Range 2 , so easy to use .

Let’s do a torture test shall we

Too small for Range 2? - Check
Black? - Check
Shiny? - Check
Rubber? - Check

Can Range 2 scan it in one sitting with no merging, spray or prep? Watch and find out.

Of course it can


Torture test indeed! Great results Andy !

Thanks for sharing @Rilot , very good scan! :+1:

i have been using Range 2…for broad scans…then going back in with Pop 2 for crisper detail…

i watched your video…great stuff…

Hi @minsk

I recommend you start your own showcase in the forum showing off your beautiful scans as well !

Showcases are personal showing off work of individual users in general .

Thank you

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