Feedback, Suggestions and perhaps also Bug Reports for Revo Software on Windows PC

My setup
Scanner: POP 2
OS: Windows 10 Home 21H2
Revo Cal.: v
Revo Scan: v 4.03.0705c
Revo Studio: v

Let me know if more information is required.

Revo Calibration (RC)

Not able to check version number:
A scanner has to be connected to be able to see the version number of the current installed version of RC. I don’t understand why the scanner hast to be connected to see this but I wished it would also be possible without like in your other applications.

Revo Scan (RS)

Timer to automatically stop scanning process:
I would appreciate it if you add a timer to stop the scanning process automatically and maybe also provide the possibility to choose between frames and seconds. I think this would be very helpful e.g. when someone’s not able to stop the scan process on his own.

Disappearing setting for Depth Camera:
When I start RS without a connected scanner, I can chose between “Auto” and “Manual” for the Depth Camera but this option disappears as soon as a scanner is detected by RS or if I start RS when a scanner is connected already. I don’t now why this option disappears but I would suggest you to fix that.

Naming of new project and of automatic save files:
I’ve noticed that RS automatically saves a PLY file for each step you can do within the software (cloud points, fused cloud points, mesh fused cloud points and create texture). When starting a new project, I can choose a name for the entire project but this only seems to create a folder. However, the PLY files don’t contain the name I’ve set for this project.

Export settings for automatic save files:
For now RS only automatically saves the project data as PLY files but those files don’t provide or aren’t able to handle all the data I need (like the created texture). I tried to assign the created texture to the model when I worked in Blender but the texture didn’t show up. Therefore I got told do export the model as OBJ and then use this file to work with it in Blender. I would appreciate it if I could tell RS to also automatically export OBJ files after each process or at least to automatically create an OBJ file after the texture is created.

Working on pre-scanned projects:
For now, a scanner has to be connected be able to open up and edit saved projects. I don’t understand why a scanner has to be connected to be able to work on existing projects. The only reason I can figure out is if I want to add some more scanned data to the project but therefore I wished you’d allow users to use RS without a scanner until they really want to do a new scan.

Revo Studio (RST)

For now, when you try to create a textured mesh with RS and then want to import this model to RST to improve or clean up the model, you’ll lose the created texture and UV data for this model. RST doesn’t seem to be able to create a new UV for the modified model which somehow makes RST useless to work with. I would really appreciate some improvements in this case.

Revo Handy (RH)

What’s this? I’ve seen it in tutorial videos of Revopoint for the POP 2 and I’ve read about it in the Revopoint forum several times but I can’t find it in the download section of the Revopoint website nor can I figure out what it is supposed for. This is so confusing.


For now I find it very complicated to achieve a clean scan with assigned texture to work with it in another software without any issues.

@PUTV already gave me a tip on how to achieve that but, however, it sadly didn’t work:

To get a clean scan with textures and UV I’ll have to scan something in RS first, fuse the cloud points and import the fuse.ply to RST after that. Then modify the model of the fuse.ply step by step in RST until I’m happy with the result. Save the modified model by overwriting the existing fuse.ply, reopen the file in RS, start meshing and texturing the model. Then manually export the model as OBJ to use it with textures in a third party software like Blender.

In terms for a better user experience and more comprehensible workflow for users I would suggest you either one or both of the following two ways:

  1. Let users only do scans inside RS and for every other step/modification users should then use RST.

  2. Merge all the applications (Revo Calibration, Revo Scan and Revo Studio) to be maintained in one single application.


Thank you so much for the feedback, suggestion, and also Bug Reports.

Is this all? :cry:
I actually expect a more detailed answer from you than just a thank you

I had for you most answers yesterday but click the wrong button and cleaned it before I could reply lol
Don’t be mad at Selina , she don’t know the answers but she forwarded it to the technician team for sure .
Sadly technician team do not interact with the forum as that is as different division , we only interact here with the marketing and support team .

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Oh okay, this happens sometimes :sweat_smile:
Do you still know what you wanted to tell me?

I’m not mad at Selina. Sorry, if that’s how it came across. However, I’m glad to hear when my request has been forwarded.

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Thank you PUTV. That’s very nice of you. :sparkling_heart:


I have forwarded your suggestion to the tech support team.


Thanks Selina for forwarding my feedback!

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You are more than welcome. Feel free to post here if you find out more.

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