【RevoTips】 How to Avoid Tracking Loss

Hello, everyone! We would like to introduce a new column called "RevoTips" where we’ll share some tips and tricks for using Revopoint scanners.

This week, we’re taking a look at 3 things you can do to avoid tracking loss.

1. Maintain an Optimal Distance

When scanning an object, avoid placing the scanner too close or too far away from the object being scanned.

If the scanner is too close, the distance indicator bar will turn orange, and the scanner won’t be able to see enough of the object’s surface to keep track.

If you move the scanner too far, the distance indicator bar will turn red, and the scanner won’t be able to see enough of the objects surface to keep track.

2. Move the Scanner Slowly and Steadily

Secondly, don’t rush the scan, and keep your hand steady while scanning.

If you started scanning an object using a turntable and need to continue capturing point clouds while holding the scanner, make sure to pick it up slowly and steadily. This will allow the scanner to keep tracking the features or markers on the object.
Move Steadily and slowly

3. Choose the Right Exposure Settings

Last but not least, make sure the exposure is set appropriately.

Adjusting the exposure before starting a scan is crucial to keeping track of an object. You can either set the Depth Camera’s exposure to auto or manually adjust it.

Auto exposure is best used if scanning a mono-colored object that is evenly lit.

With objects that have sharply contrasting colors, auto-exposure may not be able to adjust the exposure fast enough to keep track.

If setting the exposure manually, adjust the exposure slider until there are as few blue and red patches on the object as possible in the Depth window.

Remember that the exposure may need to be adjusted mid-scan depending on the properties of the surface being captured.