6. Scanning Tips

6.1 Aim to the object

Please ensure that the scanner remains facing the object to be scanned and maintained at an appropriate distance throughout the entire scanning process.

6.2 Slow and Stable movement

• Slowly and steadily move the scanner around the object, maintaining a consistent distance as you do so.
• Ensure that you cover all the outer surfaces of the object by passing the scanner over them, capturing comprehensive 3D point cloud data of the entire scanned object.
• Avoid scanning the same areas repeatedly.

6.3 Scan Distance

Scanning distance indicator bar in RevoScan 5 software. Adjust the distance from the scanner to the target object according to the color change.

Green: Proper diatance
Yellow: Indicates the distance is a bit of farther or closer.
Red: Indicates that the distance is too far or too close.

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