RevoScan 5.xx bo preview

New Revo POP2, RevoScan 5.xx latest version for Windows, PC Dell Inspiron, 8GB RAM, GPU internal Intel UHD Graphic 630 or GeForce 1660, Windows 10 Home. The preview window does not appear, but it scans.
For comparison, installed RevoScan 4 where the preview window WORKS.
How to possibly set up a PC for a functional RevoScan 5 and what is the difference between RevoScan 4 and 5 in this section.

Looks like you are running the latest Nvidia graphic driver on PC … there is conflict between RS5 and that latest driver including studio .


I tried to use the GFORCE card precisely because the preview does not work for me on the generic GPU that is installed in the Dell Inspiron. The preview is therefore not visible on the Intel UHD Graphic 630. Any recommendations on how to solve this?
Recommended GPU, working version of drivers?

Thank you

Jiri Broz

The Intel UHD Graphic need to support OpenGL 4.0 at least to work correctly , I use GTX TitanX and it works just fine , however I run older Nvidia graphic driver , as the latest driver do not works well for some reason .
Try to update your Dell graphic driver , I run RS 5 also on a Dell Latitude tablet PC and it works just fine using the latest generic Graphic card driver provided by Dell .
Check first if your Intel UHD Graphic support OpenGL 4.0 as that is only important , version 3.1 will not works

I tried all old NVIDIA drivers from 2021 but no effect. I tried the old and new drivers for the Intel UHD 630 integrated graphics, again no effect. OpenGL 4 and higher is available and functional for everything. In all cases, the preview in RevoScan 4 works for me, but hardware acceleration must always be turned off in it. The whole problem may have something to do with the settings (damage) of Windows 10, so I’m probably solving the cause and not the effect. Unfortunately, the option to turn off hardware acceleration is not available in RevoScan 5.

That would be up to Revopoint now to add the function in Revo Scan 5 future version , I will leave a note regarding that .

Solved ! In the latest update RevoScan 5.2.2. added a function to disable HW GPU acceleration, which solves the visibility in the preview window.
After activating or deactivating the acceleration, it is necessary to exit and restart RevoScan 5 to activate the function (in RevoScan 4, it is enough to turn it on or off in the settings without restarting the program).

I already mentioned it to other user that said it did not worked , glad the issue is solved at least for you @JirkaB