Revoscan 5 will not import ply files and allow you to merge them

I have been trying to use Revoscan 5 to import ply files and merge them together. When I do, they come in as meshed and are not available in th merge option.

Revostudio 3 allowed this and worked great. I no longer have a copy of revostudio 4 so I cannot try it there…

Is there some reason why V5 converts or sees ply files as meshed?

Thank you


Hi Bernie

It is impossible , nothing is converted to mesh automatic by import .
Check your files , ply is not only reserved to point cloud , it can be also exported as .ply mesh so check what kind of files you exported .

I agree. But I take the exact same files into Revoscan 3 and 5. V3 works perfectly V5 does not work to allow me to align the files.

However, if I convert the file in V3 and resave as a ply it will work in V5.

What RevoScan 3 ? There is not Revoscan 3 .
Old program like Revo Studio converted automatic meshes to point cloud by import, Revo Scan 5 don’t do that .

If you import a mesh, it will be a mesh and vice versa.

The files you importing to Revo Scan 5 are not point cloud files but simply meshes .

Ply can be a point cloud and can be a mesh , so check what kind of files you exported from the program , because from what you are saying , you exported a mesh.ply and not a pointcloud.ply

And once again RevoScan5 do not convert any files on import automatic .

Yes you are right the ply file being imported does come from cloudcompare and maybe meshed.

However, in the two screen shots of the two programs, you can see revoscan 5 will not give me the merge option but revostudio 3 does.

This is what I miss in the new version.

Let’s go back to original question

You are importing meshes not point clouds to RevoScan5 , let set this as a fact . This is not the proper way if you want to merge point clouds you have to import pointcloud . You make it the wrong way . This not matters how Revo Studio works , we talking about RevoScan5 and how to do it proper . So if you want to use it follow the advice .

Maybe in the future additional option to convert mesh to pointcloud ( sampling points ) will be added , but for now you need to follow the proper workflow .

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Because RevoStudio sampling meshes by import converting it into point cloud …RevoScan5 don’t convert scans or models by import , how hard it is to understand?