Import Dimensions not correct in my CAD program

Hello together,

yesterday i dit a scan from a small part of my Headset. Once i import the STL file in my CAD Programm i get complete wrong dimensions. There are some pins on the part, for example they are 3mm in real, once the stl is importet in CAD they are around 43mm?

How can i solve that issue?

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Hi @Paddl I don’t know what CAD software you are using , but the dimensions are wrong in your CAD software as the imported scale is wrong . You need to change the import scale for your scanned model according to your CAD software . The Revopoint Scan export is in millimeters , and it export proper the scale .

Since it has nothing to do with Revo Scan , I can’t help you here …

If you share the name of your CAD program other users may help you if they use the same CAD program . Like @X3msnake , @Rilot or @Xile6

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Use OBJ or PLY, since STL has no information regarding scale dimensions and will rely on you software units for conversion

Yup. OBJ or PLY if you can. Fusion 360 will import STLs in the correct scale by the way, as long as you have your workspace set to mm. If it’s anything else (such as inches) the scale will be wrong.