Revoscan 5 is really good but I have a few requests

1 - an interrupt button would be nice to have, in case I accidently hit apply button when editing the project with manual parameters that are inadequate and freeze the cpu
2 - the numbers of vertices and polygons that are displayed in the bottom left don’t seem to update after simplification
3 - could the selections (box, polygon, lasso …) work together with some editing features ? for instance, I sometimes want to smooth locally, or detect isolated parts only inside a lasso selection.
That’s all for now. Thank you very much


There is not a simplification feature in Revo Scan 5 under Mesh Edit .
The last not way to reduce the vertices and polygons is to cut out selection , if it don’t update after , you can click back and forth the feature tab , the Beta version is still little glitchy.