Revoscan 5 Beta - feedback - Short File name length for Projects

So far, I’ve only tried this on Revoscan 5 beta, Android

When renaming a scanning project, the default project name is



Which is 21 characters long. The maximum length the Project can be named is only 30 characters - only 9 more than the default name given.

I appreciate the project name using the date/time as part of the name, but this consumes 14 of the 30 characters that the program limits us to.

All file systems you support (Android, iOS, Mac, Windows) all support 255 characters.

Even with double-byte character encodings, and maximum file path limits, this file limit should be considerably more than 30 characters.

Can you lift this severe limit on a future version?

Hi @ChrstphrR ,

Thank you. We will discuss it with the dev team.

Best Regards

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