Revopoint's Halloween Scanning Spectacular!

:jack_o_lantern:Have you 3D scanned a hauntingly good Halloween prop with a Revopoint? Drop a photo below and spook us all!

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Ok, I’ll start. Here are some statues, about 18" - 24" high, scanned with POP3, no external editing. Rendered in Maya.


Clay dracula sculpture scanned and reworked in zbrush


raw scan

final zbrush rework
I’ll post more on my MINI thread


Nice work!

Wow, nice scan! Thank you for sharing!

Hello revopoint I did some scary thing for Halloween :jack_o_lantern:. I scanned a soft toy of my kids and converted into a smoky monster​:woman_mage::zombie: using Revopoint Mini.

Again I used my Revopoint Range to scan my wife hand and made a scary hand prop for the monster base the end results are really great.

A spooky Halloween project! Great job using Revopoint Mini!

Thanks Jane :smiley: waiting for x-mass competition :joy: