Revopoint MINI - sculpture signatures and monograms repository

Hello everyone,
today I will post a series of tests of a project that I started, which concerns the archiving of signatures on sculptures. There are repositories of this type but they are images (therefore two-dimensional) of the signatures on works of art. In the field of sculpture, even the signatures are characterized by a three-dimensional morphology. I came up with the idea of recording the image and the 3D characteristics in high resolution. With these 3D scans, it will be possible, for example, to compare them with other signatures of the same artist, helping to identify the autographed ones rather than the fake ones.

The 3D scans were made with the MINI Revopoint in Feature, High Accuracy mode, and fused to resolution 0.02. The constituent materials of the sculptures are different: bronze, plaster, terracotta.

Below are the results of these tests.

It is evident that the results are of quality, managing to record the details of the morphology even in those cases where they are a little flat.


Excellent work Davide and a great idea .

Keep up the good work :+1:


Hi PopUpTheVolume,

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I’m impressed. I didn’t get such good results on the miniatures I tried.


Hi Jefflindstrom,
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Interesting project! I am working on 3D-imaging of early 16th C Flemish sculpture. For now, the photogrammetric results are far better than those obtained with the POP2. However, it seems that the learning curve is rather steep

Thanks professor Martens
I am honored by your appreciation



What are the steps to doing something like this in all those programs? What does a workflow look like? Does this take very long? Days to process? Could you fabricate these reliefs if you wanted to based on the files?

Hello Missgeneralidea,
I can suggest you to read PopUpTheVolume posts ( and -putv-3d-models-showcase-progress-tips / 15682) who is a 3D industry professional. He has posted some excellent educational videos on his youtube channel (
For the last question, the answer is yes, I printed 3D scans made with revopoint scanners (not of this sculpture but of others - even more complex ones).

NEW test with MINI RGB version


Hi,nice details! I wonder what software do you use for left side grey model pictures?

Hi PandaBall,
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The software is Meshlab

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