Revopoint marker dot removal of adhesive with solvent

Hi, what solvent will remove the residue left by the revopoint marker dots? Currently the piece I have scanned is covered in sticky glue dots, ideally these need to go before I return the scanned part to my client. Any ideas?

what kind of material is the object made of?

The part is made of a.b.s.

I’ve tried hot water, then isopropyl alcohol and then acetone. The papery bit of the marker is easy enough to remove with hot water and a bit of scrubbing, the adhesive is not. Acetone dissolves it with some fairly aggressive rubbing but acetone also dissolves a.b.s. so it’s not exactly ideal. My next hope would have been lighter fluid. I’ve had to return the part to my client this afternoon, I’d like to be able to instruct him as to what might be the best way to clean up the mess.

you can use limonene or wd40, both remove glue and do not attack abs

make sure you use the classic wd40 not their new product line that are other formulations


Thanks I’ll pass that on.
It would be beneficial for anyone intending to use your scan markers to be made aware of this problem. Is there a warning in the instructions that I’ve missed? I have a revopoint mini.

Are the markers retro reflective or plain white paper?

The plain white paper are the older markes new ones are printed in a plastic sheet

They’re paper ones. Retro reflective plastic sounds much better. Do you send those out with more recent scanners?

They do. And also sell in their webstore

You can also check Aliexpress for magnetic retroreflective markers for stuff made of metal like cars

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