Reassuring After-Sales Support: Revopoint Ensures a Two-Year Warranty for MIRACO

Hello everyone!

Thank you for being so supportive of our products. Revopoint is committed to providing users with better after-sales protection.

We would like to clarify that MIRACO has a two-year product warranty, so please feel confident about your purchase. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our customer service, and we will do our best to assist you.


It is good to know that 2 years warranty and 5 years battery life give us the confident on this product . Congratulation Revopoint. You have a very robust and high quality parts design.
Surely some will ask if the unit could be housed in the waterproof housing and do underwater scanning ( subject to the scanning technology limitations due to refraction of the media density)

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Hi @shohimi

Thank you for recognizing us.

Unfortunately, the MIRACO is not able to house in a waterproof housing and perform underwater scanning.

Damn!:frowning: now I will have to cancel my descend to Titanic to scan it (far mode). :clown_face:

u wont scan with Infrared light Scanners under water :slight_smile:

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waiting for some new revopoint waterproof laser scanner with big fov to be able to do so😁

Physics say No, For that you would need a sonar

Water is one of an element that absorb infrared lighting , some types of glass too , plexy glass don’t .
Water blocks many infrared wavelengths, just as an opaque barrier blocks visible wavelengths. Infrared depth sensor can’t “see” through deep water because the waves it detects can’t pass through water.

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looks very much like a blue laser scanner to me?:thinking:

Ultraviolet light is not absorbed by water so blue laser will works under water , build small U-Boot for MINI :joy:

Wow, I’m impressed, but I believe the laser is much stronger than the one on the mini :smiley:

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Yes it is , but it is also easy to check out it it works