Revopoint Moraco 3D configuration data

Do we get the access to config information like focus, perspective etc. for the sensor?

As the hardware of Miraco is highly optimized to software I wouldn’t expect anything of it to be customizable by users.
Do you own Miraco? What are you missing and would like to have added software- or hardwarewise?


As Ivan stated already , no you don’t have any access to the sensors , not with MIRACO not with any other Portable Scanners by Revopoint .

You can’t adjust this type of settings manually , any settings of the sensors are only accessible via Revo Scan 5 , pre-programmed by Revopoint , meaning you can’t change any features manually between scanners and software since it is not open source product .

Thank you very much for the clarification. No, I don’t have the hardware yet. I’m building a real time sensor system which can calculate the vehicle tire thread depth which is moving on a conveyor belt (with the precision of 0.2mm). For the project, I have to select a depth sensor.
I want to decide the architecture for this, as I will be running my algorithms as well, which includes joining 4 pointclouds from 4 different sensors in real time to build a 3D model. All these steps should be automated and must be completed within 5 secs.

You should purchase 3D camera from Revopoint and not 3D scanners and it not going to work as you will be not able to control the hardware .
Revopoint have professional equipment for that sort of production with adjustable software .

The scanner is not just some set of depth camera , it is 3D structured light technology , with a projectors ( infrared ) and the depth sensors reading the pattern on the surface not taking pictures of the object .
On top a tire material will be not even visible to the sensors since it absorb infrared , so sadly don’t even working proper.

You going to waste money without any support for the scanner’s hardware as you will be not given anything to control it outside the original settings or software environment .