RANGE - Testing

I received my RANGE today, and decided to start testing it :slight_smile:
This is my first 3D scanner ever, so I had quite the excitement to see forming the pointcloud :smiley:
I have to say, I am REALLY impressed.

First image is right from the revo scan, 320 frames, manual alignments/ine tuning, second pic is from Blender with even more after tuning. All the details on the skin/wrinkles is amazing. (I popped out the eye and replaced it with added sphere meshes for now.)

I wish to implement this self-portrait into Epic’s Metahuman system. I will propbably do fullbody scans aswell.

Well done Revopoint!


Very well done @balazsgabor
I love how well you captured the details around the eyes .
As for first time user, it is excellent!

Thanks for sharing and congrats on your new Tool !

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