RANGE - Some Scanning in Venice with RS5 IOS and editing with RS5 for MAC

Iphone 14 plus
MacBook pro
Display 15.4”
Intel Core i7 quad‑core a 2,8GHz
16GB Ram
Graphic Card Radeon Pro 555 2GB
Good morning everyone,
Last week I was in Venice for work and I took the opportunity to do some scans around
This is my first time scanning outdoors
I used the RANGE Scanner (the intention was to scan fairly large sculpted surfaces) the tripod with handheld battery and the adapter to mount the iphone.
Very early in the morning (cloudy) I took a walk and scanned some interesting sculptured surfaces.
I then downloaded the scans to my mac and processed and edited them on my laptop.
I know that it has already been reported that the transfer of projects from the iphone to the mac via wifi works, and vice-versa does not work.
Anyway, as I said I downloaded the scans and did the various fusing, editing and meshing operations on the Mac with RS5 and everything seems to work smoothly.

Below are some images of the scans.

scan performed given the height from the ground with the extendable tripod

Below two scans in which I had problems tracking and subsequently fusing the points
as you can see in some areas they are doubled
especially in the second example


Beautiful scans

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Thanks Andrew

Beautifully done Davide, as always !

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Thanks Catharina

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Can you post the object you use for makin the scan so high… i looking for one too… and very nice scan… mee too sometime have problem with plana scan… the only think is make two scan cut the part that is worst and join the better part of the scan…

I used the original Revopoint accessories: the handheld battery, the telescopic tripod and the adapter to hook the smartphone

I can’t find the telescopic tripod… into revopoint site… I think into the photo thw mask was in very high position… let me know which type you used so I can by for myself… thanks…

But you have the RANGE scanner? The tripod in the package is telescopic

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I was thinking about a think like that

UURig Telescopic Selfie Stick Long with Tripod, Waterproof Hand Grip, for Insta360 GoPro Hero

If you want bigger than the smaller telescopic Range tripod, go for a monopod , I use monopod as well in some cases where my arm can’t reach . You can easy attach the Range attachment or switch to the standard camera mount .

Have you tried Revoscan on the PC? I’m trying to decide whether the M2 is better than a PC for Revoscan software.

I use it on both Mac and PC. It runs better on PC because Revoscan is still an Intel app running though the Rosetta2 translation layer. It runs fine, don’t get me wrong but operations such as meshing are much faster on PC.
I have an M1 Max MacBook Pro by the way.

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