Rabbit Statue scan

Still working with the scanner but the results are shockingly good.
Might get our $100,000 scanner to a compare, not sure you’ll see much difference if I’m honest…
AI tracking on Handy Scan and the ability to flip models around in all orientations is a game changer. We have $5,000 software that can’t do that !

Over the moon with this thing.


Great Bunny scan !
I understand your enthusiasm. Users that have not spent a small ( or large ) fortune on commercial scanners simply will not appreciate the value this brings for almost free. I have been reverse engineering everything from the full size international space station mockup at NASA to trombones to celebrities for body forms for almost 45 years with the last 30 being digital. I have used a lot of 6 figure equipment that simply does not start to compete with the output of this little device.
Users that have no point cloud experience ort that have heavy meshing only may have a bit of a learning curve to post process the raw data.
If you are new to scan data, YouTube and Meshmixer should be your new best friend.