Quick face scan

Tring to eek out as much resolution for use in zbrush.


What did you do to get maximum resolution? Which settings? Which mode? Very good scan.

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Glass. I really just went slow, and adjusted the depth sensor. I also have a lot of diffuse lighting in my office. something to note is I had textures turned off since I am planning to use dlsr for color mapping, not sure if that made a difference having colorful off.

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Thanks for supplying details of your process. Many people here are struggling to get started or are not having much success so the more examples that people provide the better.

Do you mean you adjusted the depth sensor during the scan? Visible light should not affect the scan other than in a negative way if it contains IR in the same band as the laser.

Were you using face mode or something else?

I used Feature mode, and while in the preview mode, I adjusted the depth range until the image was not blown out, and not too Dark, I Pressed play and moved slow, and looked at the coverage on screen to ensure it was gathered as much density as possible on the point cloud. When satisfied I pressed stop and chose not to fuse. Instead, I changed the fuse setting as low as possible, then fused and generated mesh.

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Here is another result from yesterday, Imported and reprojected onto better topology in zbrush.

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here is the wire frame

Thanks for the details