Pre-order Revopoint POP 3 & Get Exclusive Rewards!

Dear customers,

We’re delighted to tell you POP 3 3D scanner is available for pre-order now! It’s packed with new technology for improved color scans, tracking, faster frame rates, and usability!

You can pre-order it NOW:
Global site: POP 3: The Handheld 3D Scanner with Color Scans - Revopoint
US site: POP 3: The Handheld 3D Scanner with Color Scans - Revopoint

Here are the highlights of POP 3:

  • 9-axis IMU for smoother scanning and better tracking
  • Auxiliary LEDs for better color scans and marker tracking
  • Up to 0.05mm Single-frame Precision
  • 12 to 18fps Scanning Speeds
  • Up to 0.05mm Resolution

To show our gratitude for the continuous support from our loyal long-time users and new customers. We’re offering some great rewards if you decide to pre-order the POP 3. This special offer is only available for a limited time, from June 10th to June 17th, and is exclusively for forum users.

Here’s how to claim your rewards:

:one: Pre-order your POP 3 between June 10th and June 17th (6pm Beijing time).

:two: Leave a comment with your order number to participate under this post.

:three: Get ready to receive your POP 3 and rewards:

:sparkles: 500 Reflective Scanning Markers;
:sparkles: Free $24 Laptop Mount

Act fast, as these additional rewards are available only during the first week of pre-order (June 10th - June 17th). Don’t miss out on this opportunity!

Note: Revopoint reserves the right to modify, suspend, and/or terminate this contest. All participants shall be deemed as having agreed to the T&Cs:Terms and Conditions of Revopoint Contest


I am looking any trade in offer of POP1 to POP3.


Look forward to delivery POP3!

Order number R245370001.


Here we go
Order number: R245410001

I’ve got quite the collection of scanners now. Every Revopoint device and several from other brands too. Think I ought to sell a few!

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Just bought my POP3.

Order no. R245440001

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My order number for my Revopoint POP 3 R245220001

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Just ordered mine!


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Ordered RUS154901

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Only 10% for preorder earlybird come onnnmn

R245240001, thanks

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Here it is R245340001 - looking forward to see all the improvement over the pop 2.

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Yay more stuff. Order #RUS156301


This is for pre-order… does it mean the POP 3 is not shipping yet? If not, when? thanks!!

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Adding the POP 3 to my Mini and Range. Looking forward to clear case-by-case examples of the best device for different scenarios or uses.

My order number is R245320001.


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Interested in seeing how this performs over the pop 2.

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Hi @BoneLady ,

Thank you for your attention on POP 3.

The shipment will start on June 19, 2023.

Best Regards

Hi @thief122 ,

Thank you for your feedback. We will consider it seriously.

Best Regards

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Great, thanks!