POP Firmware Updates

Is there a way to get the most current POP firmware to install??


I have a kickstarter unit.
My unit has firmware v1.6.6.20210208, and Algorithm v6.6.3.0207.

I’m running current software on both windows and android.

The new firmware and algorithm is looking promising.

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please! i think being able to update will make me not want to throw this away

Same for me. How to update the firmware? I‘m also stuck on 1.6.6.xxxx when people tell me that they have less problems on higher Firmware versions.
Really disappointing

IF there is a way … thinking of returning the device as long as I still can…

I have
Firmware v1.8.1.20210520
Algorithm V6.6.3.0207

Guess that’s the real price of being an early adopter. Firmware that doesn’t get updated and possibly will never get one because it can’t for some reason. That seems like a big waste if this thing just sits on the sidelines.

Hi @Tbastian @kennytent @chinooker @bplutka @crynool @pka4916 @Slappy

We’re doing internal testing at this period and will let you know once we have any updates.

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That would be fantastic if you could make this happen.

  1. it would show that you designed your product with enough forward thinking.
  2. it would show you stand behind your product, unlike many other Chinese based companies that are here today and gone tomorrow.
  3. it would show you listen to your customer’s concerns.

We hope to hear good news from you. Thank you.



Speaking as one of the contributors, I can tell you that, yes, Revopoint is standing behind their product. Several of us are working on improvements to the manuals in several languages and, because of this, we are aware of several improvements that are coming to the software and firmware.


Please count me in on the firmware update! I’m a Kickstarter Backer, and an enthusiast with early firmware and I am clearly not getting the same results as the demos and reports on new machines. Thanks- Sounds promising. -Chris

I have
Firmware v1.7.2.20210309
Algorithm V6.6.3.0207

Keen on updates as well!

How do I get the firmware upgrade?

My S/N is A2130759266400A31
Firmware is: v1.6.6.20210208
Algorithm is v6.6.3.0207

See following post:

My Firmware is 1.81
Sent a pdf with pics etc. to that e-mail…