Pop 2 Saves Christmas πŸŽ„

That time of the year to drag out all Christmas decorations to show the neighborhood how high your electricity bill will be this month :joy:.

Last year one of our lamp posts got blown over and Broke the thin metal post mount.

Using our Pop 2 and some trial and error got a decent scan to model off of to make a split cap for a decent repair.

Using GOM Inspect, first we align the model:

Then after importing the mesh to Fusion 360, and more time than needed thanks to OCD. The Cap was modeled:

Next up Cura: (disclaimer I did clip the bottom for an even simpler cap, no other reason other than shorter print time just in case shrinkage bites me on fitment. )

Due to the cooler climate PLA+ was chosen from easy and quick test print…

Shrinken did make it a little tighter than planned but a little heat and super glue and she’s good as new… another decoration saved from the landfill.

If it breaks, another can be had in less than 3hrs… :slight_smile:

Good to be taking breaks from racecars for honey-do lists :joy:



Nice story Sam !

Well done !
Thanks for sharing !

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Awesome story! Now you should get extra presents for Christmas :slight_smile:


There is only so much coal a man needs…