Point cloud filter and bounding box

Provide a point cloud filter based on the upper and lower point intensity

When doing a scan, that includes dark and light colours, it would be extremely useful if we can limit the points used in the scan based on their intensity. For instance if I want to scan a model for a particular colour range like dark blue to black, I can tell the software to ignore points that are within an adjustable range. This could be filtered after the gain settings are made.

This way I can scan the model for the main features and then do a second scan, with increased gain, and excluding any points that are two intense. Hence my dark scan will only contain the points within the adjusted limits.

A bounding box, around the model could also be used to exclude points that are not part of the model


I agree, it would also be nice if we could give it a hint about the shape. I haven’t gotten any usable scans at this stage as I’ll get some details, but then it will lose track of the item, due to the fast turntable, and I’ll be stuck starting over.

Being able to define a boundary, even if not a literal box shape, would help a bunch with it. Most of the things I’ve tried scanning would fit within a simple boundary region.