Password WIFI desnt accept symbols

I cannot write symbols in the password. Scanner: Range. SW: Revopoint 5.0.2

Maybe because you used Symbols under SSID ? Just guessing…

You need to connect the scanner via USB to change the settings .

No. If i dont write symbols in the SSID, im not able to put symbols in the password either. It is connected via USB. (I cannot connect the scanner to my wifi because the password has symbols…)

The SSID shown in your image has illegal characters for a SSID. I believe + ] / " tab and trailing spaces are illegal.

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That what I mean… thanks

ok. dont worry i can use Revo Scan 4 to configure the wifi settings, this versions works fine

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I used just one special character in the SSID, but despite that the text under the password states that I can use ‘numbers, letters, or symbols in any combination’, it won’t let me; typing a special character/symbol just doesn’t put it in the text field.

Using Revoscan, Revopoint Mini (firmware v2.9.41.20221207)

Please don’t tell me I can enter ‘numbers, letters, or symbols in any combination’ while it doesn’t work, and please fix this!

Use RevoScan 4 for SSID and WiFi password change. v5 doesnt allow special chars like * and this is very weird.

@Revopoint-Cassie @Revopoint3D-Gena

This is a effective bug, even tho the info box states you can have (numbers, letters, or symbols in any combination) the password box does not allow you to add any other symbols then the ones below so no $ or # signs allowed for example

Only accepted Symbols in the password Box:

! ? : ; ,

Hi @DaniCabra

Sorry I overlooked this post. I’ll get back to the dev team about this issue and look for a solution.