Part-time Translator & Proofreader Recruitment

Dear Users,

Good news!

To improve the content quality and user experience, we want to recruit part-time translators/proofreaders to help us with the contents, including but not limited to the software UI/user’s manual/tutorial articles/ads’ words, etc.

Considering our users know the POP/POP2/MINI scanner very well, we prefer to offer this chance to all users. We will pay the translation fee, or provide a product with the same value according to the market price.

How many translators/proofreaders do we need?

· Japanese * 2

· Italian * 2

· French * 2

· German * 2

· Spanish * 2

Recruitment Valid Period: From Oct. 1 to Oct. 15

Translation/Proofreading Rates:


500 RMB (≈69 USD) per thousand original words


120 RMB (≈16 USD) per thousand original words


Pay the translation fee quarterly.


  1. Pay the money directly to your bank account;

  2. Provide our products at a 30% off retail price.

Who can join?

All Revopoint product users who have confidence in translation and have time to support our translation tasks can join us.


Each participant can only apply to be the translator of one language;

This recruitment is long-term available;

The first quarter is the internship period. If the translation quality is not good, we have the right to replace another person.

How to apply?

Please reply to with your translation of the below paragraph:

The 3D scanner features the latest in 3D scanning technology, with its powerful new structured blue light projector increasing scanning distance up to 70cm with a capture range of 300mm x 500mm@500mm. And at the same time, retaining a single-frame precision of up to 0.03mm through its dual IR cameras with new aspheric lenses that eliminate optical aberrations. Making the 3D scanner a powerful tool for scanning large objects like cars, furniture, human bodies, and industrial parts.

The scanner has been accurately calibrated before leaving the factory. However, after a long time of use, or due to environmental changes, external forces, or collisions, the position and angle of the camera lens are slightly deformed, resulting in that the original factory parameters in the equipment are no longer applicable to the current state of the camera. At this point, it is necessary to recalibrate and reset the internal parameters of the camera based on the current hardware state of the camera.

Best Regards,

Revopoint Team

Do you need any translation to Russian or Lithuanian languages ?

Recruitment Valid Period: From Oct. 1 to Oct. 15 ended on October 15 , at this moment there is not need to translate to Russian languages .
But thank you for your offer.