Offset image problem with new scanner

I’m using a new Range 2 scanner. The first few scans I did came out cleanly, but when I went to scan a few days ago I’ve started getting a ‘drop shadow’ or offset copy type effect in all the scans. In this stack of wood blocks it’s quite apparent (see the red arrows in the attached picture). For this screen shot the blocks are on a table and the scanner is on a stand. The same goes with scanning faces, there’s an extra line under the eyes, nose and lips. Have you seen anything like this before or know how to correct it? Thanks in advance,

Hi @DMStech

I’m sorry to see this happen. I’ll feed this back to the R&D team and get back to you if there’s any progress.

Thank you. I’ve just shared some sample files with customer support so hopefully they will be able to help.

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