Miraco box lid missing

My miraco shipped missing the product box lid. when I asked customer service about it they told me they dont have lids.
there are pics of miraco box lids all over the internet including this forum. did anyone else get shipped a miraco with only the bottom half of the box? I have a dog and its going to covered in dust and dog hair in no time.

Mine did not have a box “lid.” I kept the box it was shipped in and have slid the white (nicer) box back into it for now. I have my MIRACO in the softer satchel case that was provided and feel it is keeping the lens safe from the myriad of cat fur floating around my house. Not sure why they did not have a lid on the white box but I’ll likely get a nicer case for the accessories at some point in the future.

Hi. thanks for replying, I appreciate it. I saw this video on revopoint3d’s facebook page for Miraco that shows some did get a box lid. There are also lots of unboxing videos on youtube showing the lid as well…I want the full box to store it in like I have done so with my pop2 and range. If down the line I wanted to sell it so that I could upgrade to their newest scanner, it would be hard to sell with only half a box.

No lid here as well. I started pulling it out upside down. :slight_smile:

Hi @jpw your Kickstarter reward do not have any lid on the box , not yours or anybody’s ekse .



The lids are from the beta units…

Yes , prototype beta products , that changed including the device and context of the box.