Miraco battery protection

I’ll be honest, I know nothing of battery technology, but it seems lately (or maybe I’m just catching up), mobile devices can be set to charge to a maximum of around 80% (or whatever the optimum is for longevity)

Is it possible to update the firmware to allow this as a selectable option on the Miraco?

Maybe it isn’t possible, but as its possible to use external back up batteries, it seems sensible to make the internal one last as long as possible (usable life).

Hi @Gary

According to the specs the MIRACO the battery should be ok for around 5 years .

It is a special designed battery .
I requested by the dev team to shut down the charging function while the MIRACO is connected to computers , this way it will save the battery on longer run .
You should charge your MIRACO more often and not let it stand for a longer period of time at 100% … so 50% charge would be better for the storage .

Usually not charged battery of this type often loses also it’s capacity faster when not used of a very long time .

I will add your suggestion to the list as well .

Thank you

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What exactly is the battery chemistry? The box came with Lithium warning stickers all over it, so “Lithium” isn’t a big guess. But there are many types of Lithium battery chemistries and they all have their own unique characteristics.

What is the battery’s voltage and capacity?

Also, since we’re talking about the battery - is the battery replaceable?


regarding battery replacement, there is an answer under FAQ on:

" How long is MIRACO’s battery lifespan?

MIRACO has a high-polymer lithium battery designed to last at least five years. And if anything goes wrong with your battery, it’ll be covered by the 2-year warranty. Outside the warranty period, we’ll also provide a battery replacement service."

I use a lot of lithium polymer batteries for my projects. Some quite large (bigger than the Miraco). There are a few basic rules you need to follow to maximize battery life.

LiPo batteries should not be stored for any extended amount of time fully charged (unless Miraco is limiting the full charge to something less than the cell’s maximum charge voltage, like 4.1V/cell instead of 4.2V/cell). Long term storage at high State of Charge (SoC) results in a permanent loss of capacity.

And they shouldn’t be stored in very hot ambient conditions. Especially not if also fully charged (besides the capacity loss, there’s a spontaneous fire risk when a fully charged Lithium battery gets too hot).

The capacity loss effect can be rapid if both the SoC and storage temperatures are high, 15-20% loss can happen in only a few months if fully charged batteries are stored above 50-60ºC.

And since it charges when it’s connected to a PC, it’d probably not be a good idea to leave Miraco connected for extended periods. Keeping lithium polymer batteries “topped off” (never letting them discharge appreciably before recharging) will also kill them quickly (in much less than 2 years).

The “battery saver” suggestion is actually a good one. I won’t buy a cell phone, tablet or laptop that doesn’t have the feature. Got tired of having to replace batteries on stuff just because I left it on charge all the time. I know I’m going to need the juice, I can tell the stuff to go to full charge. Otherwise, they limit to 80% (or in the case of my Surface laptop, 50%). I haven’t had to replace a battery since I started buying things with this as a requirement. If Revopoint implemented this (assuming the HW supports it), it’d almost certainly lower your warranty burden by reducing the number of batteries you end up having to replace.

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