Just curious how to get selected for Range beta test

I have been using the Pop, Pop 2, and Mini. I have been posting quite a bit on the Mini Facebook group, and sending files to someone in marketing. I just wanted to see if there are any more openings in the Range beta? I would jump on the kickstarter, but unfortunately my job has been cutting hours and it may be awhile before I can order one. This may be the only way I may be able to try one out.

Many thanks for any help.

Sorry but we don’t have any opening at this moment for Range Beta users , very limited samples this time and all went out already . I would suggest you post more in the forum here as well showing off your scans and skills . You never know when next opening is available .

BTW The KS Campaign starts in February .

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Thank you for the reply. I will try to post more here as well. I just used the Facebook page since it was much more visible, and honestly I had forgotten how much goes on in the forums.


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I would have liked to try the opposite of the scanners that I have been working with. I have been getting good results with the Mini and clean those up with Zbrush for printing. But I usually use photogrammetry to scan statues and other large subjects.

This is a Disney Infinity figure that i scanned to help a fellow Mini user a couple weeks ago, but ended up cleaning up the model and now I’m making a larger resin print to put on my shelf.

These are a couple models made from using photogrammetry software on my PC. It has great output, but I need to take between 200-300 photos, and hope that I don’t miss any angles needed to create the model.


That’s very nice @ImDerpyHooves , keep posting work you scanned using Revopoint devices in general if you get a chance and be active member in the forum ( not just in this thread if you know what I mean )

the Disney Infinity MINI scan looks very good ! as are the other …
keep up the good work !

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I understand. Thank you for all the information and help. :slight_smile:

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