MINI - Perfect preview... RED scan

This is the preview… VERY promissing almost incredible clear… but the scan turns ALL RED… nothing is scanned… then I change the model for anything else and the scan is correct… is this a bug?

The red means that it douldn’t track the movement between frames.
The preview is just a real-time view of what the scanner sees. Once you start scanning, it turns red if it cannot differentiate between the current frame and the previous one for tracking.
Not a bug but is slightly counter intuitive.

To get around this, put some things around the coin that the scanner can track, such as crumpled paper.

Try to change the angle a little bit , or add some small elements around the coin , if you want to go for higher accuracy skip the crumbled paper here , it will lower the accuracy , you can make small balls from a paper and put them around the coin for tracking stabilization . It will works better and more data will be available for the coin .
Remember that the software data processing limitation is very narrow , so adding too much of additional objects will make the model suffer . Especially with MINI as it has a very high data capacity.

Put MINI on 45 degrees angle or put the coin on 45 degrees angle , or use as you do now but with Marker mode while scanning . You don’t need anything else but markers on the turntable .

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Yes tks, I did that yesterday (added some rubberbands all around the object and below it ) and I finally got a scan. It’s cool but I was expecting better. I made a full turn lowering the turn table speed. And this is the result.

Again the sharp edges end up rounded. Even when the object has very sharp edges everywhere and it’s HUGE compared with an actual coin. It has a diameter of 10cm. The enboss is almost 2mm, that’s 10 times more than a real coin.
It’s impossible to scan since it’s a flat object and the software sees it as a plane, it dissapears if I check “hide planes”. Maybe the software could have a checkbox or a slider to select the “tolerance” if not detecting a plane?.
MINI has very small capture frame, using it with markers made for bigger scanners is not working. The table for the MINI is the same and it should be different… maybe closer dots, and smaller ones and a lot more?
Does smaller tracking dots work on mini? what’s the idea behind tracking dots? should they need to be reflective? or being white is enough?
Tks for all the advice!.

I tried 45 degree and it still lose track. The table’s markers are not enough or I’m doing something wrong… but I keep getting “not enough markers”. I end up adding some rubber bands all over the coin.

I want to scan a bigger (20cm diameter) Aztec Calendar, but if it’s not recognized, or recognized as a plane… it will be very difficult.

White is enough for the dots. I’ve added extra dots to my dual-axis turntable for the Mini. It made marker tracking much easier.

It is a very nice scan you got here … if you experience rounded edges, it happening only if the corner was not picked up , scanning any kind of coins is pain in a donkey , because the middle part get overscanned while the edges not .

Try to capture different angles and merge them after , from different positions .

The Marker mode ignores the object features , and use the dots only as features, it is very useable for scanning featureless objects , you can try and see the results .
Please use reflective markers , RS5 works better with reflective markers than regular white , for that reason Revopoint replaced all simple white markers to reflective , you will get better tracking at any angles . White markers do not perform well at angles .

And most important is the distance , the sharpest distance is at 10cm

I scanned a ring that have exactly the same stuff as your coin inside … and the ring was very small , smaller than a coin .

I know you are used to Zbrush quality but scanning will not deliver you that resolution and with 2-5 millions of poly it is what it is . Accuracy is high but resolution is rather on the lower side .

Sometimes I meshing my fine stuff in Cloud Compare to get the sharper results , but again all we dealing here with triangles and not quads , so the results will be never 1:1 and not truly editable until remeshed to quads .

So remesh your coin, subdivide , and try contrast function under Deformation in Zbrush to get the 1:1 result

Check my MINI tread under Showcase/Mini in the forum

You need minimal 3 markers to be visible all the time in the depth camera preview .
I use this and it works like a charm , printed and stick reflective markers on top so I always have at least 3 markers in the view , the distance of the markers with MINI need to be smaller than with other scanners , how closer how better

Hi @luccas222

here some examples of my MINI test scans
sometimes changing the preview shader in Zbrush , shows better results than just the smooth wax , without defining any edges for real .
Most of my scans was checked for accuracy

Screenshot 2023-09-05 140907

Screenshot 2023-09-05 140849

Screenshot 2023-09-05 140952

Screenshot 2023-09-05 141449