Help/Advice on First scan of bust with the mini

Hi -

Just received my mini with the dual access turntable.

I’ve watched number of the youtube vids and tried to find help in these forums but I’m still having tracking issues when trying to scan the included bust.

I have both a mac and a PC and have had no setup issues with either .

I’ve tried with just low ambient lighting in the room and in a “black box” which there is very little external light.

I have the camera at 45deg or so, the software says the distance is fine and no real red/blue exposure issues.

The camera can’t even seem to track the bust on a single rotation (passes withe the bed tilted seem to fail).

I’ve tried increasing or decreasing the rotation speed and it was marginally better.

Any suggestions?



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So the tracking fails when the bed is tilted. When the bed is level, does it track well or just better?

Also, have you performed the Fuse and Mesh operations? I have seen them clean up scans with my Mini.


Thanks for the quick response.

It fails before it even gets to the 2nd rotation with 15% elevation.

The software doesn’t complain that it’s lost tracking , I just end up with multiple noses or faces.

I just managed to get a working scan, I changed the orientation of the camera so that it was on a flatter plane. Not the 30-34 deg angle that I’ve seen suggested.

I don’t know if this was just a fluke.

Is there a recommended angle or rotation speed ?

I have also tried adding some dots from the package into the turn table, that didn’t seem to make much diffeeencce.

I’ll try a few other objects tomorrow and will try the bust again to see if my success was a one off!

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Why you adding more markers to the turntable ? You are not using Marker Mode do you ?
Markets are only for Marker mode and you can’t change the object position while scanning with Marker Mode .

If you object lose tracking on different position, try to scan from that position first .

MINI perform better when the turntable is at maximum speed when using with computer.

You see when using MINI and the Dual Axis turntable , the distance on tilt is greater than the regular position , it affects the accuracy and quality of the scan too much . I would suggest to scan first 360 degrees one rotation , then tilt the turntable making sure the distance is the same ( 10cm) and perform second scan and merge both together in Revo Studio for the best quality .

I always use 45 degrees and slightly above the scanned object , scan the angle and save it, next tilt the turntable at 30 degrees and scan second part .

You can also try one of my early tutorial :

Hi -

thanks for the advice…

I wasn’t using marker mode, just thought adding more dots to the turntable would help keep track.

I did see a few people suggest scanning at different angles at different passes and merging them together and will give that a go.

I’ll look at your YouTube video as well, its great to see people providing helpful tips in YouTube - really helped the community.

On the plus side I tried scanning a 28mm mini I had lying around. The mini had a lot of detail and whilst it didn’t pick up all the fine detail it did a pretty good job.

I’ll experimenting a bit more to see if I can make it any better.



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Hi Mark , for best details keep it at 10cm distance from the center of the turntable , that’s where you get the best accuracy .