MINI coin scan can it be better?

Hi I scanned this mexican 10 pesos coin coated with a very soft layer of dry shampoo… can I get better results than this?.. it’s seems kind of softened and even with the coating the coin looks sharp.
I scanned it with and without lights, with one turn 350 frames, and 600 frames… always using advanced cloud fusion. Tried with standard as well. The results are very similar to this.

Mac mini - M2 - 16gb ram


Have you tried using scanning spray instead of dry shampoo? The coating should be thinner, which may improve the end result.

No, it’s not an option I’m in Mexico and it’s very expensive.
I will try painting the coin with vallejo primer, I print and paint miniatures as a hobby, vallejo primer ( acrilic ) shoud be even better than scanning spray. It’s matte and very thin.

Hi @luccas222

With coins it is very tricky job , first dry shampoo is slightly too heavy to be used as it will soft out the delicate relief of the coin .
Second if you scan the coin flat on the turntable you going to over scan it and lose details , the best way to lay it at some angle and scan from right to left in place to turning it out or hand scanning .
For this kind of job you need precision .

Mix uself a little bit of corn starch with rubbing alcohol, take small brush and brush the coin and let it dry before scanning , it will give you finer layer … don’t over paint , just a slightly thin layer is enough , not need to be fully covered .

And the last thing is the relief of the coin you are scanning , metal reflects differently to our eyes so we tend to see more than it actually is , the painted coin is what the scanner sees , so after scanning try to use some metalic shader to view the coin in your 3D application for better visual effect .

And most important tip : please keep the distance between the coin and MINI to minimum possible , slightly after Excellent/too close or at exactly 10cm for best accuracy … after scanning try Advance fusing in place of Standard and see the results , if not satisfied, try tgr Standard fusing but clean thr overlapped points before meshing .

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I know!, but it was a test to stablish how and what it can scan things. To the right is the one with acrilic primer coating ( slightly better ). This is a Zbrush preview with “Framer03 shader”, the left one is the previous one with dry shampoo.
Tks for the advice on corn starch and alcohol, I may try it but right now what I had is acrilic primer specially created for miniatures, it seems to work much better. But for anything than a really small detailed model I think the dry shampoo will work.
This is again a full turn (300 frames) at 10cm with advanced fusion ( I can’t lower it below 0.08, the app doesn’t let me ).
Anyway the standard fusion let me select 0.02 and the result is not better.

If I have to describe the scan results it looks like if the original model was INFLATED a little bit. That may not impact on overall size of the model ( we are talking about 0.08 mm… it’s so small that the impact on the final piece would be minimal ) but that makes me think that maybe the scanner is not 100% properly configured since that result may be happening if the scanner detects things closer than they really are? it’s just a thought.

side to side ( right ) vs full turn ( left )

Looking great with the shader in Zbrush , good job !

you can try check the mini calibration first and if not below 0.8 recalibrate the scanner and see if it improves

also make sure the scan range min/max is set to the minimum values so it takes full advantage of the 16bit depth values

I cant, the scanner is not recognized on any software. Tried RS5 and the standalone calibration software for the Mini. Neither works…

@Revopoint-Mia @Revopoint-Jane

I would not recommend to calibrate a new device , it is completely fine , I saw @luccas222 coin scanning results, it don’t need calibration .

For the recognition hardware issues please write to and include link to this thread with your forum ID name .

I will tag @Revopoint-Mia and @Revopoint-Jane to check on this issue for you as well .