Meshing hangs at 95%

On a larger scan using handheld mode, all the points capture fine. When I go to mesh, it gets all the way to 95% and then hangs up. First time, I could restart. Second time, the whole PC froze up and I had to hard restart as I could not even use task manager to close.

Anyone else had problem with finishing the meshing process?

PS: 16gb ram and Nividia Quadoro graphics on Dell PC.

It is possible you run out of RAM while meshing the bigger mesh that can reach the available limits you have , do you have the same issues with smaller scans ?

You can try to mesh it via the Model List ( Project List) , it use less resources , just go to the last session and process the files using batch converter and see if the issue persist .

After you click process monitor it via Task Manager and see how much RAM the project use while meshing , then you get yourself an answer .

And no I never had issues like that , I use 64GB and some of my early meshes used 32GB was is beyond the capacity of your system .
But now the software is adjusted , so you should have not bigger usage than 8GB while meshing .
Just check it out by yourself via Task Manager, see how much available RAM you have while processing to be sure it is not issue on your side .

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