Memory Management in Revoscan 5.4.2

Hi Revoscan Team!

I’ve come to notice that the newest Revoscan update is continuing to consume memory when no projects are open. Below is a screenshot:

When initially launching the program, it runs with 1 or 2 child instances of Qtwebengineprocess under the Revoscan executable.

When working in a project, its not unusual to see 1 or 2 more processes appear. However when closing the project those child processes do no close, and only part of the used memory is released.

This is a fresh launch with one project open:

Below is a screenshot from a session where I opened one project, made an edit, closed it, opened another one, and actively have it running a process:

This is after closing the project and returning to the home screen:

And here it is after working in 3 different project files. All files have been closed and returned to home screen:

As you can see, the child processes seem to grow and remain, and there’s some amount of memory, I’m guessing tied to previous projects, remaining held. The only fix is to shut the application down and relaunch. Minor, but I can see this becoming an issue for users with more typical systems running out of memory mid-project.

I hope this is useful towards the continued improvements in Revoscan. If you need me to generate / provide any logs let me know - I’m happy to help and contribute in any way I can.

the ( child processes ) are the tabs of the program ( different functions you use meshing, isolations, etc. ) I guess the cache is not cleaned becouse it keeps the undo history even if the project was closed .
It should not works this way .


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Hi @Kentacles

I’ll check this for you.

@PUTV That’s what I thought might be happening. Hopefully an easy fix to deploy!

@Revopoint-Jane thank you so much!