Markers, Spray and Bumps

Dear All,

I am gaining experience with MINI. I am scanning tha frame of a drone and, due to geometry and colour, I am using markers and Spray. I put the markers and than spray. I edit various point cloud (overlap, smooth and isolate) and than merge them using markers. Then mesh with fill hole and smooth again. As you see from the attached pictures

the result is quite good but there are still bumps where markers are. I try to smooth again the mesh using a 3D sculping software (Nomad Sculpt) but the bumps are still present. Is there something wrong in the procedure I use? Thanks a lot

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did you tried an alterantive method like placing this object on or above crumpled paper which mini can use as tracking aid and scan in feature mode? then you wouldn’t need markers on object, just removing that paper layer.

also there is an option in Mac version of revoscan that will also be available soon for Win version for automatical removal of markers. I couldn’t test it yet as I only have a win pc.

I think MINI will work better without markers. If you experience losing track you can put the frame over something that can be scanned, then the scanner will grab that as information as well and help you track the intended piece. Then you can remove that info from the cloud. I had tracking problems on an attempt to scan plane figures ( coins, medals, etc… ) but adding those aids around the object, then the scanner will pick all up including your piece. Hope that makes some sense.