Marker mode with small markers leaves LARGE round cutouts

I prepped up a part last night, and scanned it today:

1J0 810 221 - applying 1x3 mm tracking dots with dental picks

And, yes, those are dental picks applying the scanning dots.

Pre processing, during the scan:

I don’t have a camera to capture on the Android phone while the part is being scanned - tracking on ths size of dot is excellent in Marker mode with these little tracking dots.

And I’m reasonably happy with the data capture – enough is captured on the “down” side, that I should be able to merge the two scans I made together.

Here are the post-processed models of each scan:

The issue is plain, once looking at this: While scanning, the dark-ringed tracking marker dots occluded from the scan after post processing are HUGE in comparison to the dots applied.

This is the “down” scan in Meshlab

Is there an ideal sized marker that RevoScan expects?

I’m using a Mini: High detail, no colour, marker mode.
The version used is Android, v 5.2.2 (latest, at this writing - it tends to auto-update as new versions come out)

Input from Revopoint would be helpful here. This looks like the marker size was overlooked, or assumed to be excessively large.

Should I be requesting a feature where we could input the dimensions of the markers, so the software can scale how large a hole to “punch” out of the scan data?

I didn’t get this model into CAD yet to do a measurement, but the removed data around the marker looks like it has a diameter closer to 8 or 10 mm, instead of my wee tiny little 3mm markers.

From what I recall, while scanning, the red dots to indicate the markers were small and looked pretty much to scale as the actual size of them while in the midst of scanning.

I’m more than willing to pass on my project data to the R&D or dev team. Or, to answer any questions about this. Thank you for reading this far!

The already working on that issue with a new feature to close the holes while fusing …

It is coming

In main time please try to close the holes manually using the computer software version , do not overlap the markers too close to each other , or use smaller reflective markers on smaller objects.

P.S Android app don’t have enough resource to add the feature , you will profit more by importing the project to computer RS5 software and process it there.


I’m content with waiting, knowing they’re aware of the issue, and working on rolling out a fix. It’ll be right smart looking when Revoscan handles that little task without little to no intervention!

For now, yes, I’ll just manually close holes. And I will try a wider hole spacing on the next part until the “goldilocks” zone is acheived!

P.S. Still waiting on an upgrade to the computer to be able to use RS5, but I will, once I have a capable machine!
Until then, I’ll rely on the unsupported route: Using Meshlab, for post-post processing off the Android captured scans.

Hi @ChrstphrR ,

Thank you for your feedback.

In the upcoming V5.3.0 Revo Scan, this issue will be resolved. Additionally, we are looking into the possibility of offering smaller-sized markers for the MINI scanner.

Best Regards

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For anyone having problems on the android/iOS phone versions … do your utmost to find a suitable desktop or laptop instead. This marker mode issue on 5.2.2/Android is a total non-issue on 5.3.0/Windows

A follow up on this issue, mostly for people that might have the same problems I encountered.

I have finally acquired a newer-to-me laptop that’s capable of running the RevoScan 5.3.0 software, and have completely foresaken using my Android and 5.2.2.

Once again, it’s a quantum leap in usability ( R/S 4.2 on the laptop → 5.2.2 on my phone → 5.3.0 on the new laptop).

The issues with the 10mm cutouts on 5.2.2 on Android, are indeed a moot point on the Windows version 5.3.0.

@Revopoint-Cassie , please pass on my praise to the dev team. The steady work they’re doing on RevoScan has made the Mini I have FAR more usable in just the past year.

Hi @ChrstphrR

Thank you for your kind words. I will definitely relay your praise to our development team. Positive feedback from customers like you serves as a great motivator, inspiring them to continue their hard work and deliver even better versions of our products in the future.