Making Christmas Baubles from INSPIRE Head Scans

My little contribution to the #revoxmas23 contest over on Facebook.
[Little bit of a back story behind this one…]
So at this festive time of year, I occasionally print out little replicas of my head, spray them gold or silver and hang them on people’s trees when I visit for parties. Then I just leave and not say anything about it, and when they ring up days (or weeks) later saying they’ve just found my head on their Xmas tree, I act like they’re mad.
You know. It’s the little things.
Anyway, pretty much all of my friends and family know what I do for a living so this kind of prank loses a little of it’s impact… so instead I now scan friends of mine, who have zero to do with 3D or scanning, and get them to prank their friends and family instead!
So here’s my two chosen subjects for this years - my buddies Leon and Raj, and their festive doppelgangers…
Scanned with a Inspire - literally just stuck it in my pocket along with a Revopoint mobile kit when I went over for a cuppa. They didn’t even know I was going to scan them. No prep - just got them to stick a hat on to cover most of the hair… we’re all getting old and grey enough not to have to worry too much anyway…
Xmas hat was a nightmare. Totally messed up - shoulda have just got hold of one that isn’t furry. But I just had to work with what I had. Lots of cleaning up. Never again. Looks cool though.
Initial processing in Revo Scan 5, then took the data into Artec Studio 9 and Headus PlyEdit.
Then took the watertight mesh into Chitubox and hollowed it out and punched a big hole in the neck, and also a little 3mm hole(s) for threading the cord.
I let Chitubox sort the medium supports - I could probably have spent some time refining them a bit, but couldn’t really be bothered. They worked, anyway! And came off fairly easily without too much cleanup at all.
Printed on an old 1st gen Anycubic Photon in Eryone Like-ABS resin at 0.05mm layer heights. Sprayed with Rustoleum Metallics.
In the past I’ve also done some in transparent resin with little LED bulbs in them, but they’re a bit more fiddly and I was kinda pressed for time! #chitubox #Revopoint

Festive… or vaguely creepy. You decide!

The finished headscan after loads of cleanup on that %@&ing hat…

Ho, ho, ho!

Chitubox for slicing and hole-boring…

I felt the expression needed some Bah Humbug hat action…

…and the Bah Humbugs needed some picking out to make them pop.

The standard set of 4 heads, ready for pranking.

Raj looking like a mob enforcer down at the docks…

I managed to shoehorn two heads on one build plate - result!

Reverse waterboarding Raj in resin…

Weird. Creepy. Definitely cool.


Another happy customer failing to keep his game face on.


can you split the celebration hat from the model and uploaded it somewhere ?
I’d like to use it.
I know it is a simple model and can be easily created on a 3d tool (even the Windows internal 3d builder) but the natural look of the hat you have is nice.

It’s natural looking… because it’s a scan. I’d suggest you find a Christmas hat you like the look of, and use your Revopoint scanner to scan it. :+1: I’m afraid I won’t be spending time hacking up my model in order to give bits of it away.

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well this is what I could find. Not as good as yours…


Yes, but I spent literally hours and hours editing and cleaning up my one. Spend more time on scanning, processing and editing and yours will look better too. Good luck! :+1:

Okay you look so funny! I need a resin Printer, and sell all of my FDM Printers.
I like the stuff you do!

You know that it is not about cleaning or post process. Or maybe you don’t ?

The model is enough clean for my use. I just didn’t like the form of it. Anyway, I know you won’t share anything and I’m not begging you. I’m just telling you that your model is good. If I had a standing hat , I could do it as well.

Hi @ilkeraktuna you still need that pointy hat ?
let me know .

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thank you. I found a natural looking model made by someone on cults3d.
It does the job. Thanks anyway.

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Not actually me! Just friends. I’d save the FDM - still useful for all sorts of stuff. But for things like this, resin is ideal.