Improvement of the alignment function without much effort

Hello, I would like to suggest an improvement here: you could improve the Alignment function a lot without having to do a lot of programming.

With the alignment function using features you should have the option to align the point cloud without creating a mesh (just pre Alignment). The advantage of this is that you can then use the auto alignment. The method used for automatic alignment is probably ICP, however, this method requires a pre Alignment which could be achieved in this way.

So this problem would be a thing of the past here in the video

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It happens again… Here’s a screenshot, it could be so easy to fix this :frowning:

Please watch the Video

And here after Pre Align + ICP in CloudCompare:

Another example wich can be fixe with this little improvment:

Video with CloudCompare (ICP with pre-Alignment)

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I notice that this feature is still not integrated, yet this function is essential for a 3D scanning program. Therefore, I would like to suggest an alternative. Namely, that with the type of marking, a second button or an option is added, so that a pre-alignment is first carried out based on the marking, and then automatically fine-tuned using the ICP method or features. The Functions are already there, they only have to be joined before fusing.

For Exmaple:


I agree, pre alignment would be a very welcome feature.

It’s a scenario which I actually encountered a few times now and it’s kinda unnecessarily annoying.

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