Improvement of the alignment function without much effort

Hello, I would like to suggest an improvement here: you could improve the Alignment function a lot without having to do a lot of programming.

With the alignment function using features you should have the option to align the point cloud without creating a mesh (just pre Alignment). The advantage of this is that you can then use the auto alignment. The method used for automatic alignment is probably ICP, however, this method requires a pre Alignment which could be achieved in this way.

So this problem would be a thing of the past here in the video


It happens again… Here’s a screenshot, it could be so easy to fix this :frowning:

Please watch the Video

And here after Pre Align + ICP in CloudCompare:

Another example wich can be fixe with this little improvment:

Video with CloudCompare (ICP with pre-Alignment)

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I notice that this feature is still not integrated, yet this function is essential for a 3D scanning program. Therefore, I would like to suggest an alternative. Namely, that with the type of marking, a second button or an option is added, so that a pre-alignment is first carried out based on the marking, and then automatically fine-tuned using the ICP method or features. The Functions are already there, they only have to be joined before fusing.

For Exmaple:


I agree, pre alignment would be a very welcome feature.

It’s a scenario which I actually encountered a few times now and it’s kinda unnecessarily annoying.

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Another Explainment:

Hi @SphaeroX

Thank you very much for your continuous efforts and detailed video explanation. We have been researching improvements in alignment, and your methods have been very informative and valuable to us. We will carefully study your new findings.

We already have plans to make changes to the alignment process, but it is currently being scheduled alongside other priorities. I will keep you updated on any new developments.

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