Import projects without creating a new (empty) project


maybe I miss something, but when I want to import projects from my phone/tablet, or when I have copied project directories and want to “open” those projects for the first time (thus they are not yet shown in the project list on the home screen), I need to either open an existing project or create a new empty project. Otherwise I don’t have access to the “File” menu. Which quite often leads to a bunch of empty projects, which I have to delete manually.
I don’t see how I could import a project from a tablet or open a project that is currently only existing as a directory with data, but not in the “projects” list, from the home screen. Is there a way?

Hi @Eldkatten

You should not have an empty project in the Home history list , I assume you use the latest version of Revo Scan 5+
If the project is empty, it should be discarded and not saved .

The List of projects you see on the Home tab is sadly only your project history , and not an actual browser of your project folder , so no there is not other way but to open your imported project and save it and it will show up in the project history list.

There are future plans to create actual browser for the project folder so anything you drop in will show up in the list … it would be easy to manage all projects as well .

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Thank you :blush: