How to Scan leather grain

Hi all,

I am new to the Revopoint community, I just got my first revopoint Range last month and try to play with it.

I am struggling with how to scan the leather grain, the quality of the grain is not clear as I wanted. Is there anyone in the community know how to do it properly?

Thank you;


Hi Andy ,

For a clear leather grain you need a scanner with at least 0.05mm accuracy like POP3 …

Range accuracy is too low for that kind of details … but
If you keep RANGE at the closed distance then you may get better results , but the distance need to be consistent while scanning , once you get far away the details will change , so best option is to keep it steady at the same distance at the minimum allowed in high accuracy .

Just don’t expect sharp relief … RANGE is made for scanning medium to big objects.

I scanned leather relief with MINI , it delivered sharp details 1:1 on my leather couch . But POP3 was not bad either.

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like @PopUpTheVolume said, mini would be best for this or pop3 at least

Also for best detail:

  • Set the minimum scan distance in revoscan to the scanner’s minimum.
  • Set the maximum scan distance to the lowest value possible.
  • Keep the scanner distance at the upper edge of best (green bars).

The larger the difference between the min/max value the lower the Z depth precision since the depth map is mapped out to 16bit values

That’s true @X3msnake

For scanning textures you need to move the scanner from point A to point B , not using turntables . The textures need to be flat on the same level surface and not scanning at any angle .
At the same distance for best result .

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