Feature Suggestion - Hue correction of Color Image Texture using Vertex color data


When using color image data to generate a texture for a mesh, it is not uncommon for lighting / angle changes to impact to overall quality of the final texture.
However, Vertex color textures don’t tend to suffer from this same issue. Vertex colors on the other hand do not preserve the same level of detail.


Utilize Vertex Color data to correct hue of Color texture.

I generated both a vertex texture and a color image texture of the model above. Due to imperfect capture on my part, the color texture shows areas of poor color accuracy (notice the transition from white to orange on the single slice, and the reddish hue in some areas).

I imported both the texture files into Photoshop, with the Vertex texture layered over the Color Image texture. I then simply change the Vertex texture blending mode to “Hue” and exported the resulting image.

This is a quick and dirty method, but demonstrates the possibility of improved Color Image texture generation using existing data. This could be implemented in an improved texture generation algorithm, or as a second pass / texture cleanup option the user can perform after initial texture generation.

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Vertex colors usually eliminates dark shadows and specular to correct the color range , you don’t want specular and shadows build deep in textures as that is. it is not usable for anything but public viewing in ambient light , since it have already AO, Specular and Color build into one material , totally not usable for rendering .
You want better details overall using Vertex color ? make sure your scan ( cloud point /mesh ) is at the highest resolution possible , the amount of vertices in mesh will determine how much pixel is there for the color value , so in most cases the level of pixels is higher than RevoScan can produce Texture resolution . The max I get from was around 8K . Since exclusive I only use Vertex color for texturing , not in RevoScan but outside .

In short how lover is the point distance while fusing how better the vertex color details .