Failed(?) Revopoint POP Self-Scanned Faces

I got together a few facials that I did when I first got my POP. I have them scattered all over 3 drives in my computer, so I’m digging up scans that I don’t even remember doing. In those months I was focused on establishing a good workflow, but soon realized that I wasn’t adept enough with any of the software for post-scan processing to really achieve good results. Consequently, I just scanned, scanned, and scanned some more to try and get a handle on my particular setup and tie down all the variables. I hadn’t displayed any of these or any of the many gb of scan files I generated during this intense early period because I was embarrassed that I couldn’t get good results or use software to tune them up.
I reflected on this today as I went into a sandwich shop to get dinner. The cashier was very nervous and obviously was a new employee because he had to keep asking questions of the manager. He apologized for the wait and I told him not to worry, I had been the new guy many times in my life. I said “Just remember; one day you’ll be the one training the new guy.” Everyone was a new guy once.

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