Facense F4 Four camera scanner

Hi, I noticed that you sell a high end 3d scanner for faces which produce rather nice scans. Can you tell me if this is old technology that is replaced by a pop2 scanner or does it have 4 * pop2 scanner inside it and merge the results of all 4 cameras to produce the scan?

the software sounds interesting as well. Any more details on this?

many thanks and i have been waiting ofr my pop2 scanner for quite some time now and just want to get it and start doing something with it before the technology is redundant again.
best regards


Dear Trevor,

This is Oliver who is responsible for project development in Revopoint.

The Facense series products adopt our 3D camera-Acusense together with self-developed software. You are quite right as it has 4*Acusense to work together and merge the results of all 4 cameras to produce a final model which covers ear-ear range of a 3D face model.

Currently the Facense is not available for two reasons: a) the cost is too high with no profit at all; 2) little defects in frame design. After years application, we find some tiny deformation on the frame which causes accuracy drift. At the same time, the software stopped update by end of 2020.

Any other information needed, please kindly let me know.

Have a nice day!



Thank you Oliver for the insight into the product. Its a real shame as the idea has potential. Perhaps 3d printing the frame and the lower cost of the cameras maybe one day the development costs could be recovered with a new version.



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