EUGENE3D | COMPARISON | Revopoint MINI 2 and MINI 1 working distance

Hello, every one!
Some users asks a question about how Mini 2 is compared to mini 1 and is it worth to upgrade or not?
I think, it’s like a comparision between iphone 14 pro and between 15 pro.
Yes, it is better, but 14 is still very good phone.

Here is a little test. I scanned the same model with MINI 1 and MINI 2, let me show what i got.

1. Scanning setup
Scanning setup on Mini 2

Scanning setup on Mini 1

2. Results
Mini1 details:

Mini 2 details:

3. Conclusion
As you can see, mini 2 captured a little bit more details. But why?
Suppose that the reason is a scanning distance.
I found, that Mini 1 scan is very good at 120-130mm, but at the same time, mini 2 is able to get perfect details at 175-185mm distance!
What does it mean? It means, that you get more markers and features in field of view with mini 2 than with mini 1.
Because of that you will get different workflow with mini 1 and mini 2. You need to get closer with mini 1. On my opinion, it is a little bit harder to scan at closer distance. But if you go further, you will lose some details.

Here is the answer, why i got better details with mini 2.
I scanned the same model, but when i scan it with mini 2 it was a comfortable 180mm distance. But when i scan it with mini 1 i used 165mm distance and lose some details.

Here is the benefit of Mini 2 - you could reach the same amount of details at longer distances.

If you like MINI 2, you could buy it by clicking the link below:


It will be more interesting if objects commonly available to almost everybody is used. I tried to scan bolts of different sizes with my new POP3 the other day and here is the result. The distance is in the excellent / too near range so I believe the resolving power of the scanner is fully used. The smallest bolt with the threads resolvable is M5 ( 0.8 mm thread pitch ). The point distance setting in fusion and meshing was set to the minimum value of 0.2