Do a neg of a scan

Is there a simple way to do a reverse neg of a scan?
Have scanned some animal paw prints and need to print them out so the claws and pads stick out.
Sounds simple but thicko here cant suss it out.

Do the scan the regular way… Once you mesh it you can flip which side is the primary surface… I do it in Meshmixer easily… I believe the Revopoint software can do it also…

Maybe there are other methods, that are more convinient, but what I know would work is - since you need not an inverted surface, but, as I think, a solid object, you need:

  1. To get a watertight model of your scan, so it will be a solid object that it available for boolean operation
  2. Boolean it from something like a box. You’ll need a negative boolean operation. You can make it either in Meshmixer (I’ve forgot, but as I remember, there is a stable boolean operation in this software) or in Netfabb Premium. The latter can make those stable.

Here is an example. Yellow one represents a scan as a complete watertight model and the green one is a box that intersects the model, so you can cut one from another (this is a boolean operation):

And this is a boolean result in the NetFabb Premium (you can try it in a Meshmixer, it should work):

MeshMixer can do that without turning the object into a solid first, which saves a lot of computing time. I’ll make you a video of it later after I get home from work.

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Thanks for your help.
Would be fab if you ould do a vid.
Sure it will be useful to others as well.

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This actually is a great idea! Thanks!

if you want the cube to stay true to the original without flattening the edges then select it with Ctrl + A and then go to Edit and Remesh. This will make the mesh finer and the boolean operation will not fold your edges.

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Thanks for that but what I am trying to achieve is like the post above.