Display problem with Revoscan

I just received my new Range scanner and installed the latest version of Revoscan to try it out.

My PC is running Win 11 22H2. My monitor resolution is 3440x1440

The issue is that half of the Revoscan screen is off the bottom of my screen, even if it’s maximised.
There is a vertical scroll bar for the right hand part of the window (the one with the tabs), but no scroll bars anywhere else
Changing the Windows font size doesn’t help

Any idea how to get all of the window visible?



Hello @CodyP,
There is at the moment only one Solution for that issue.
You have to Change your Resolution to 1920x1080 and run RevoScan 5.
After RevoScan5 is running you can change your Resolution back to 3440x1440.


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As Alex said , at this moment you need to change manually your resolution if you can . This beta issue is not yet fixed in this version of Beta .

I also run a 3440 1440 center display.

I can and will change the resolution on my monitor but with a multi monitor setup my alignment between monitors will get thrown off and will need to be re setup.

I also tried to drag the Revo scan 5 window over to another one of my monitors and in was very large on one monitor and would vanished on the other.

I ll be happy to use my monitor on a lower resolution in the meantime but looking forward to future updates.

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Did you got the latest update of RS5 ? It should fix that issue .