Depth Camera clips scan area

I was scanning today & discovered the depth camera was clipping the scanned image along a diagonal line even though the preview windows show the object is well centered! I marked the clip edge with a light blue line:

The POP2 is about 18cm away from the Hot Wheels car being scanned.

I noticed something like this once before but it went away before I could report the problem.

it depends of the angle when the object is very closer to 15cm , I am shifting POP2 to the side , put some paper in the middle , you will see exactly the angle , then shift POP2 to the left . Being in the middle is not exactly the right place for close up at 15-20 cm in feature mode , there is always clipping at the left side for close up scans

There is also an interesting… quirk… of the hardware. There are two sensors, one on each side of the emitter.

When you have something ready to be scanned, cover each of the depth image sensors one at a time. The results are not what you’d expect (certainly not what I expected).

Still, it works.


Yes Jeff that is true , the difference are huge , I was thinking there is less

that is actually how the left and right Depth sensors sees …

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@PUTV what program/software are you using to get the separate L/R IR images?


Hi Bruce , it was a pure accident , I opened my video editing program while POP2 was on , and it was thinking the webcam is connected showing the image , however it was in color , green for the background ( dark areas) and pink shades for the object .